Where is the sun?

Rain, fog, cold, clouds- I am ready for some sun, please! Advertisements

frau nils auch jetzt im geschäft

…in diesem schönen neuen Geschäft Sinnvoi gibts ab sofort meine Weihnachtskarten und noch viele schöne andere Stücke die die Inhaberin Silvia Hochholdkreiert hat, zu kaufen! Schaut mal rein! Öffnungszeiten findest du unter diesem Link. …in this beautiful shop Sinnvoi you can buy my Christmas cards and many more beautiful handcrafted items by the owner Silvia…

Ankunft- Arrival

Plan mit dem Huhn Kalender frisch vom Druck. Plan your way through 2018 with these lovely chickens 🐓 fresh from the printing press.

more watercolor trials

…and more houses. I used too many colors for this and the angles are wrong on some of the houses plus the photo of the illustration looks better (without editing it!) then the original. Lots to learn, lots to learn.

first basic attempts in watercolor

I sooo admire people who are mastering watercolors. I underestimated this technique for a long time. Thanks to YouTube tutorials I am daring to try it out myself… slow progress but: I like it! Even after a long day at work I felt like finishing it tonight- that MUST be a good sign!

Skye, Loch Eishort – Cullin Mountains

Diese Jahreszeit jetzt erinnert mich an vergangenen März als ich 10 Tage in der wunderbarsten Landschaft verbracht habe,…seufz. The weather outside reminds me of last March when I was fortunate enough to have spent 10 days in this most wonderful of landscapes,…sigh.